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Tarot Spread for Decluttering: How the Tarot Can Help Us Declutter and Find Joy in Our Homes

It’s Tarot Tuesday, which means, of course, any deep dive into all things tarot related!

We’ve been exploring the spiritual wisdom inherent in the Major Arcana, but I wanted to share a tarot spread I’ve created about a subject that is near and dear to my heart–and one that touches most of our lives: decluttering.

Long before Marie Kondo taught us about the life-changing magic of tidying up, I knew I wasn’t happy with the amount of stuff I owned. It took me reading countless books about decluttering and simple living before I realized that it wasn’t about owning less, organizing my stuff, or making my home look Pinterest Perfect.

No, it was about me. Our external surroundings often reflect our internal states. My grandmother’s house, for example, was always immaculate, but also filled with things that brought her joy. Reminders of her beloved Ireland, photos of children and grandchildren, and her collection of anything related to angels. She owned a lot of stuff, but it was all well cared for, and the place was always tidy.

Our homes reflect our inner state.

But they also influence our inner state. That’s why feng shui is so powerful. That’s the real life-changing magic of tidying up–or so it has been for me, anyway.

But getting there? It’s literally a chore (or a seemingly endless series of chores!). And that’s because stuff isn’t just stuff. It’s not just clutter. It’s mountains of memories. It’s piles of procrastination. It’s decisions we’ve put off, emotions and behavior patterns and guilt we’re too tired to process.

It’s. A. Lot.

I’ve created this tarot spread to help us when we get stuck with our decluttering process–or when we don’t know where to start.

Because often, that clutter represents something inside us. And to release the clutter, we must understand what’s preventing us from letting go. This tarot spread, in six simple yet revealing cards, can do just that.

Tarot Spread for Decluttering

Sit in a quiet, comfortable spot. I recommend having a journal and a cup of tea or water nearby. Take a few cleansing breaths. If you need to, shuffle or otherwise cleanse your tarot deck.

Breathe in.

You’ll draw six cards, three on the top row, three on the bottom. Ask each question, draw a card, repeat. I don’t usually analyze a card until after I’ve completed asking all the questions in the spread, but I’ve learned not to question other people’s magical processes, so follow your intuition.

Card 1: The current state of my home

Card 2: What’s holding me back physically

Card 3: What’s holding me back emotionally

Card 4: What’s holding me back mentally

Card 5: What’s holding me back spiritually

Card 6: What my home has the potential to be

I’m not going to lie. Home isn’t just an address. Our concept of home–what it is, what it should be–is highly personal and deeply psychological. This spread may be overwhelming. And remember that if you draw a seemingly “negative” card, the tarot is only telling you where you are at this moment or a space through which you will soon pass. So, if you’ve drawn the dreaded Three of Swords (or Ten of Swords), don’t be alarmed.

This tarot spread won’t magically declutter our homes or our lives. Instead, it’s a way for the tarot to guide us in our journey. I hope you find magic and guidance in it. The tarot has brought so much insight, wisdom, and joy into my life.

I hope it does the same for you!

Blessed Be!

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