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Excerpt #2: Tangled Roots (Tangled Magic #1)

Last week I shared the first half of this scene from my new-adult paranormal romance release, Tangled Roots. In that scene, Cassie asks the Guardian of Willow Creek, Virginia’s magic to grant her a favor. (I know, immortal being who’s the keeper of magic. What could go wrong, right?)

Here’s the rest of that scene, in which we find out whether the Guardian grants Cassie’s request. And what price she might pay. Enjoy!

Excerpt: Tangled Roots (Prologue)

The spell was over, the magic cast.

What had I done wrong? Why hadn’t she saved me?

Why couldn’t I run?

Ginny got in Nathan’s path, blocking him. She was tall for a woman and matched his height. “Boy, unless you want an ass full of birdshot, get off my farm. Do you hear me?”

Nathan strode off into the woods, calling my name. Why hadn’t he seen me? I was standing right in front of him.

The tension in me eased as he stomped off, the sound of him yelling my name growing more distant.

Ginny knelt down and picked up a handful of moss and the owl feather. She shifted them from palm to palm, as if testing the weight of the spell’s remnants in her hands. “Cassie. Miss Cassie, what have you gone and done?”

She gasped. Her eyes flew open, the moss tumbling down, the feather fluttering toward the ground. She spun to face me. She reached out and raked her hands against my cheek, but her touch was distant, as though through layer upon layer of papier-mâché. “Oh, child, sweet Cassie. Why has she done this to you?”

I tried to speak, to ask her what she meant. I tried to shift my weight, to meet her gaze. Nothing. I was rooted.

Then I realized.

I was, indeed, rooted in the earth.

A tree. The Guardian had made me a tree.

I tried to open my mouth to scream.

All those years, my magic trapped inside.

And now, again, in my haste to maintain freedom, I was trapped again.

“Shush, child.” As though she felt my pain, Ginny smiled a comforting smile. She sat in on the forest floor, cupping the candle in her palm, and began to sing.

“Where the undine sings her sweet, wild song

I met my beloved there.

Where the willow drapes her green, green hair

I met my beloved there.

Where water flows over tumbled stone

Where magic meets the earth

Where the willow drapes her green, green hair

I met my beloved there.”

Long after her voice grew hoarse, she sang. They weren’t songs I’d ever heard before—not as we shelled peas, sipped sweet tea, chatted long into the night on her porch. Not as the coven-sisters gathered and worked magic under the moon. Perhaps, she wrote them this night, lyrics plucked from the ether just for me.

Eventually, my heart grew light, enveloped in song like a sleepy child wrapped in a downy comforter. Somehow, the magic of her simple melodies was like a draught of peace.

I slept.

And slept.

And slept.

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