Witches of Willow Creek: Tangled Magic

A coven of witches with a tangled destiny…

Welcome to Willow Creek, Virginia, a small town that’s home to a coven of witches–and a mystical nexus known as the Crossroads of Magic. One year ago, a sinister curse destroyed the coven. Now, it’s up to the surviving members–including a time traveling witch from the 1970s, a fox shifter, and the local librarian–to save their coven, their town, and the Crossroads of Magic itself.

Tangled Roots 

I showed up on his doorstep. At midnight. Missing 45 years’ worth of time.

I’m Cassie Gearhart, and the last thing I remember, I cast a spell in 1974. Then, I woke up on a rainy July night to find it was 2019. And the entire Willow Creek Coven—my coven—was gone.

Well, there is one witch left in Willow Creek, Virginia: Nick Felson, the grandson of my high priestess, a brooding farm boy with magic in his blood and a chip on his shoulder.

Every time we get too close, love—the most powerful of magicks—draws us together. The passion? It threatens to be our undoing.

There’s a whole host of other problems, though. For one, Nick wants nothing to do with magic—and therefore, with me, a witch lost in time.

For another, the sinister magic that took the coven? It’s not finished with us.

It’s barely getting started.

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Tangled Fates

Are we destined for love? Or fated to be drawn apart?

My name is Vivienne “Vi” Gearhart, and I’m a witch by birth. My life isn’t just teacups and tarot cards these days. As mystical storms rumble overhead and a dark curse stalks my coven, my inner witch knows change is coming.

Then a fox shifter named Aiden McPherson knocks on my door—asking questions, stirring emotions, and rousing desires I hadn’t expected.

Can we unravel the secrets of our own magicks—and find a way to break the curse that has sunk its teeth into the coven?

The Tangled Magic Series continues in Vi and Aiden’s story, the second book in this series featuring witchy magic, small-town charm, and all the paranormal romance a reader could ask for!

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Short Stories

Fractured Moonlight

My name is Moira, and I was born cursed by the moon.

Now, about to be married off to a cruel man by my stepmother, I’m faced with a choice: marry him and risk being his next victim, or flee into the forest, the one place I was always told the moon-cursed should never go.

What awaits is a world full of magic, moonlight, and wildness. And, of course, there’s a man with hair as black as a raven’s wing and eyes as blue as a winter sky.

Equal parts fairy tale and sweet romance, Fractured Moonlight promises an escape to another world, a forbidden forest where sleeping magic awakens and anything is possible.

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