Tangled Magic Series

Tangled Magic: Book 1


I showed up on his doorstep. At midnight. Missing 45 years’ worth of time.

I’m Cassie Gearhart, and the last thing I remember, I cast a spell in 1974. Then, I woke up on a rainy July night to find it was 2019. And the entire Willow Creek Coven—my coven—was gone.

Well, there is one witch left in Willow Creek, Virginia: Nick Felson, the grandson of my high priestess, a brooding farm boy with magic in his blood and a chip on his shoulder.

Every time we get too close, love—the most powerful of magicks—draws us together. The passion? It threatens to be our undoing.

There’s a whole host of other problems, though. For one, Nick wants nothing to do with magic—and therefore, with me, a witch lost in time.

For another, the sinister magic that took the coven? It’s not finished with us.

It’s barely getting started.

Don’t miss the first book in the Tangled Magic Series, perfect for fans of the witchy magic of Charmed and for anyone seeking paranormal romance with a small-town setting!

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Tangled Magic: Book 2


A fire witch. A fox shifter. Brought together to battle a sinister magic. Are they destined for love? Or fated to be drawn apart?

When fierce storms rock the small Virginia town Vivienne calls home, her inner witch feels a dark magic at work.

What she doesn’t expect, however, is Aiden’s van to pull into town and for the coppery-haired wanderer to step into her life.

Aiden has been traveling the country in his van for the last two years, trying to find others who can teach him about his shifter magic, when a disturbing vision brings him back to Willow Creek.

When he arrives, he finds a shadowy magic lingering on the air, his cousin Evan under the effects of a dark curse, and a beautiful witch whose quiet demeanor hides a secret fire.

Can Aiden and Vi unravel the secrets of their own magicks—and find a way to break the curse that has sunk its teeth into Evan?

And can love bring a restless shifter and a haunted witch together?

The Tangled Magic Series is intended for readers 18-plus who enjoy fast-paced reads, wild and witchy magic, swoon-worthy kisses, and small-town charm. The series is best read in order.

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