Enter Worlds of Romance & Magic...

Now, more than ever, we need magic.

And there’s magic all around us. It glimmers in the stars. It glistens in the full moon. It’s in the green of a cat’s eyes peering from the cottage window. It’s in the crimson of autumn leaves on a crisp fall afternoon. Every cup of tea. Every juicy strawberry. That’s magic.

It’s in every first kiss. It’s in the song of the rain as two lovers lie in bed, or the sizzle of a first touch, a lover’s thumb sliding over a palm. In all things, both the everyday and ordinary and the strange and wild.

Magic dances between our fingertips. It sings in our hearts. It’s the inspiration for my stories—the magic of nature, of the goddess and god, of love, of myth brought to life, and the magic in every one of us.